February 03, 2011
Former ESDI and ESDI - EATM students show their collections at 080 Barcelona Fashion

After the study comes the career, and with it the success of many graduates. With effort, enthusiasm and persistence they were succesful in the world of fashion. This is the case of Mer Fernandez, a recent graduate of ESDi in June 2010. With her final degree project "I think it’s allright to feel inhuman now" won the MODA FAD prize for which she received the money to develop a collection that today presents in the showroom of 080. "It has been 4 months of dedication," she explains. "I like the music of Animal Collective, a group of techno music with parts of folk. It’s just in this futuristic lyrical style that were inspired my clothes, but I wanted to humanize it," she says. Fabrics with technological aspect: a red jacket made of waxed cotton offers cool tone technology. But there’s more. The collection presents many details: the knitting, the work made by hand crochet, with chains, cord. Mer’s collection brings new things, often the spirit of young designers. Although the Fair is aimed at emerging and independent designers, in the 080 showroom there is a big place for famous designers, as is the case of the Catalan Josep April with a collection which includes splendor exhausted vests. Dark tones, yes, but all different "you won’t find any color repeated", he says, with asymmetric shapes, which conform to the individual. "It’s a work in progress, as is the fashion all in all," he says. That shabby point grants the fine elegance. Josep Abril completed his studies approximately 18 years ago at the Fashion School of Arts and Techniques in Passeig de Gracia, that is currently the ESDi Support Headquarters. "The beginnings are always difficult," he reveals. "But, keep in mind that it is when you are renowed that it gets more dangerous, then you see the criticism, the animosities and jealousies." Everthing from Josep Abril is handmade and of high quality. There are more people from ESDi in the showroom corridors. Justicia Ruano, Andalusian, completed her studies at ESDI Suport Headquarters. In her small room at the showroom shows the winter 2011 collection. It’s called Hotel DECO. "This is actually a cocktail, for special occasions. I would say, they are short dresses made of silk and embroidering", she says. "As you can see there are mainly two color ranges, a bronze moving from nude, to camel, brown and terracotta and a gold color, evolving into black gold and camel." It is a shiny bright metal project. Not too far there is Miriam Ponsa with the collection "The laundry". Ponsa, a Catalan designer coming from Manresa, was also a student at EATM. She presents some designs inspired by the women washing in the river, with collective laundries of the early twentieth century. Thus, the garments are made with fabrics dyed with water drops. There is washed wool and cotton hardened by use. Miriam Ponsa has received several awards for her works, including the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award 2010 Best Women’s Collection Fall / Winter 2010-2011. Their successes and those from Ruano, April and Fernandez show that doing a good education and devoting to their work enthusiasm and tenacity catalan fashion can go far.