September 18, 2011
First day of school, conferences and presentations

The presentation lasted about half an hour. It has also been distributed to students folder Ramon Llull University (which this year was designed by graphic design student ESDi Grèbol Albert) and was given the timing and the academic standards and the schedules according itinerary design studies each student. Today Tuesday, September 20, students have begun classes in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. Yesterday they did the 1st year students. In the presentation the students, both past and present, have spoken the following people: Guilera Lawrence, director of the ESDI, Gemma Gómez, coordinator teaching Mañach Antoni, head of student support and Miriam Millan, Head of International Relations . Yesterday also spoke Toni Gonzalez, head of computer services and Ignacio Gonzalez, Deputy Director General. The welcoming speech to students has been the director of the ESDI, Dr. Lawrence Guilera. In addition, during the presentation, we have discussed the following issues: - The academic standards and performance classes - The Department of Student Support - Tutors have been presented - Bodies representatitivitat students - Opening hours for students - The computer services of the ESDi