January 15 2016
Ferran Amago is the new director of Corporate Development ESDi and Deputy General Manager of FUNDIT

FUNDIT General Director, Mr.Antoni Garrell and Guiu, has appointed Ferran Amago as a new Director of Corporate Development at the Sabadell ESDi Design School and Deputy Director General of the Fund (a position that last year held Mr. Ignasi González).


The organization remains unchanged and it’s possible to see the entire chart at this link.


As new head of these areas, Ferran Amago manage the policies to strengthen the ESDI in their academic and activities aimed at strengthening the relationship and bring ESDi in the context comprehensive national and international with companies, employers and institutions. It also assumes the responsibility to care for and strengthen the international network of ESDi in order to facilitate access to funding for research and, in turn, enhance knowledge transfer projects to companies, taking care of university extension activities to facilitate the employment of graduates of ESDi and those associated with optimal operation of the organization.

Ferran  Amago engineer, Master in Business Administration and Master in Strategic Marketing. His career has been involved in consulting firms, telecommunications, technology and communication for over 20 years. He is currently Dean of the College of Engineers and Surveyors of Telecommunications of Catalonia (COETTC). In addition, it has been dedicated to teaching and has developed leadership and management positions at the International University Iberoamericana (Unin) of the United States.

Incorporating the figure reflects a clear intention of the Foundation to grow in the domestic and international market and a firm commitment to further develop the design, technology and communication in the Catalan university.