January 2 2016
Exhibitors presentation for the company Xanita

On Thursday 28 January took place in ESDi the presentation of projects by students of 3rd Degree in Product Design Mention for the company Xanita SL, manufacturer of a material with the same name that comes from recycling paper, highly durable and sustainable and can create any type of structure as freely displays, panels, furniture, boards, sets...

The project, supervised by Professor Mireia Puig, involved the design of a display of bottles for a wine brand that showed this new product prominently in the stand, made from Xanita in 10 or 16 mm and enough space to make visible the brand. Projects like this allow students to see how it is working for real companies with a very clear marketing objectives.

In the presentation, in front of the company representatives, they could see very different designs, both standing as desktop display, which worked very well and the company Xanita will produce them so that they can exhibit in Hall of ESDi.