December 16 2016
Exhibition in Valencia of the alumni Mar Canet

Mar Canet, graduated in Electronic Art in ESDi, recently opened the exhibition Camaleón in Valencia together with his partner Varvara, as winners of the III Research and Production Scholarship of the Rambleta Space. Mar Canet was considered last year by Google one of the 10 best new media artists today. The last course gave a seminar in ESDi on the poetics in the programming.


Varvara & Mar is the artistic duo formed by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet in 2009. Their works have been exhibited in numerous contests and festivals. In 2014 the duo was selected by Google and Barbican Center to create a new work of art for the exhibition Digital Revolution. Last year his proposal of art in public space was finalist in the Green Square Library and Plaza of Sydney. For three years they have carried out a tour of residences in different destinations. The artistic duo is located in the field of art and technology and is interested in new forms of art, innovation and also application of the fabric in the field of digital manufacturing. They use and challenge technology to explore innovative concepts in art and design. Therefore, research is an essential part of your creative practice. In addition to kinetic and interactive installations, artists have experimented with their work in public space and urban media.

Varvara (born in 1984 in Tartu, Estonia) graduated in Computer Science from the Faculty of Information Technology Estonia, obtained her Master’s in Digital Press from the University of Lübeck, Germany and is currently a Doctorate student in the Department of Art and Design by the Estonian Academy of Art. She has been a visiting researcher at John Moores University in Liverpool and at the Institute of Advanced Multimedia Arts and Sciences in Ogaki, Japan.

Mar (born in 1981 in Barcelona) has two degrees: Art and Design by the Superior School of Design of the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and in Development of Video Games by the Central University of Lancashire, England. He is co-founder of the artistic group Derivart and Lummo.