November 09, 2012
ESDiTv prepares its new season under the slogan

The current team consists of 3 grade students residing in Design Studies, Ainara Racing, Lander Larrañaga and Astrid Vives led by the once of the project Impellers and recent graduate, Caitlin O’Rorke and led from the start by the Responsible Communication department, Miriam Millán. The project ESDiTV, television students, was formed with the goal of becoming a platform for the dissemination of the work and projects of the same even after nearly two years it has also served to document many events related to the world of Design as Redelta’t in FAD, conferences within the Master of curating EATM ESDi or the fashion shows of the School. For the new season the team is working on the design of a new microphone along with the study product design Mitjadotzena, graduates and members of ESDiempresa (the business incubator that supports entrepreneurial initiatives of its graduates) and the participation of Núria Crosas and Elena Qureshi students of 1st year of degree. "A film crew" is the slogan chosen by the members of the television channel for this new stage begins. This could not have wanted to start a new colabration with the Higher grade students in Styling taught at ESDi-EATM and without which it would have been impossible to give life to the characters of the new campaign. You can see all pics and get more info about the team following theam at facebook, twitter and at