February 14, 2013
ÉSDissabte, new space for discussion and debate at ESDi

Three students of the Degree in Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration); Humbert Clotet, Georgina Capdevila and Alain Jaimez; are the promoters of the ÉSDissabte project, which was founded with the intention of creating an alternative space which is open to everyone interested in the design, a space where creations and projections can be shown and where concerns can be shared for pleasure, getting further away from the academic routines and the strictness of the academic programme. The opening of this extracurricular project will be on February 28th and the first talk will be done by ESDi_ColorLab (17.06-17.25), the Spanish representative of the Intercolor’s International Association. Eneko Iturbe’s project will be also displayed (17.40-18.00), this student of the Degree in Fashion Design will exhibit a clothing line in cream and de-saturated colours inspired in a chair. Finally, Tabula Rasa, Graphic Design graduates from ESDi, will show its work (18.05-18.25). The opening will count on the presence of Dr. Glòria Fernàndez (Head of the Student’s Support Department), Dr. Gemma Gómez (Coordinator of the teaching programme) and Dr. Llorenç Guilera (Director of ESDi). This event will take place the last Thursday of each month at the University’s Hall and each meeting will include several talks from which debates and exchange of views will surely flow. Students from other design itineraries will also participate in every event since the design of the space will be done by students of the degree in Interior Design, students of 3rd course of Graphic Design will be in charge of designing the chart and the creation and the conception of the products and gifts will be carried out by 3rd course Product Design students. Therefore, through these sessions attended by an heterogeneous audience, it is also the intention to emphasize the entrepreneurship and forward-looking conscience promoted by ESDi. The ÉSDissabte’s opening will start at 16.00 with background music, the first talk will be at 17.06 and the act will end at 19.05. We look forward to see you on Thursday, February 28, at the ESDi’s Hall.