february 26
ESDiNetworking Design + Performing Arts

Date of ESDiNetworking acerca Design + Performing Arts, a meeting organized by the School of Design ESDI, which proposes a debate on the social and cultural dynamics as well as new formats relationship between educational level and the company approaches.

The February 26 from 13: 00h this event will open a space for contact and discussion between students and companies in the world of performing arts and designers, which will discuss the functioning and challenges of those working in the cultural field.

This time the event was held at the Espai Cultura Fundació Sabadell 1859 (Font, 25, 08201 Sabadell) platform creations and cultural exhibits of interest.
As in the first edition, the ESDiNetworking acerca Design & Performing Arts begin with a panel discussion, followed by a meal stand-networking, specifically the structure is as follows:

      13.00 - Home
      13: 15-14: 45 - Panel discussion moderated by the poet, essayist and actor Vicenç Altaió

          David Victori (director and screenwriter, global winner of the festival films from
          YouTube Films Festival)

          Mariona Mas (fashion designer, producer currently working on the roof and stylist
         Gaudí  Awards, the Catalan cinema)

         Artur Trias (actor)
         Miriam Compte (costume designer for theater and film projects)

         Carme Portaceli (director and producer of theater)

         Desilence Studio (design studio)

         Miki Espuma (La Fura dels Baus artistic director) 

      14:45 Food -16.00- standing - Networking
      16.00 - Completion


If you do not want to miss this appointment linked to the performing arts design, confirm attendance by completing this form before the day February 19, 2015.

The ESDiNetworking acerca Design & Performing Arts organized in the context of the 25th anniversary of ESDi, and transpositions exposure. Design offscreen which opens next day, February 12th at 19:00 in Space Culture Sabadell