December 22 2015
ESDiColor_LAB presents "Experiencias extrapolables"

"Extrapolated Experiences" is the title of the proposal has ESDiColor_LAB color for fall/winter 2017/2018 season. On this occasion, we based our study on the intrinsic need for the individual to live new experiences that allow them to escape the routine and create new synergies. After an economic and social crisis like the one experienced in Spain in the last five years, and now as a country we recover, people need to invest in recreational activities. Leisure and break with the everyday give an individual a sense of freedom and freshness that has hitherto been corseted by economic constraints. This trend stems from this need of renovation and sharing of experience and expertise.

From this concept dedicated color four cards each to four sensations that represent what we call Extrapolated Experiences:
No bureaucracy: This is the color palette created to represent which is the release of the everyday, what becomes routine and the power and the hierarchy that represent the work becomes chaotic and repetitive, custom and causing irritation and anger. This trend features neutral tones and muted among which becomes important white and black colors, accompanied by warm hues.


The strange thing: That which is unusual gives us a sense of mystery that can be pleasant in our quest for novelty, how intense and hypnotic. The experiences from the unusual to become something emotional and cold at the same time. In what is abstract, but desired. In this letter blue colors predominate with hints of reddish, mixed, simultaneously, more saturated and less bright colors.

High risk: All that marks a break with the bureaucracy of the everyday, involves taking a risk that turns into a fun and atmospheric game, something playful and unusual, able to lead us to do impossible things. The usual irony can become our engine to new experiences in which predominates the search for balance between brittle and inflexible. In this letter we have opted for saturated colors, among which are risky combinations of color, with blue, green and purple that break with the usual dichotomy of our proposals tones.

Sharing experiences:
Breaking the routine involves a vital exchange that should lead us to communicate emotions and feelings, to share the quirky and unusual moments with those who are part of our daily practice. This vital feedback should be subtle and provocative; evocative while a sign of individual identity. This is another letter that the above engamada prevailing in the color contrast of green and red, with the presence of some brown, and where the white still an essential presence.