November 7th
ESDiColor_LAB anticipates you the color trends for summer 2015

ESDiColor_LAB, Intercolor’s representative in Spain , foretells color trends for summer 2015 season. Its proposal on Color Trends comes from the initial approach that " Memory is the faculty that allows us to remember the experiences in the past and is a guide that can be used to plan the future." And so, the concept that this trend has been based on is the interpretation of this and the reunion with the social values we recover from the past. Among the concepts that form the set of values that define the Spanish society of the early twenty-first century we find dialogue as a connector found social, curiosity as a necessary element for growth, elegance and essence of things simple and embodiment as presence.

At ESDiColor_LAB ’s blog you can find a preview of the colors that will trend in the summer of 2015 to which you can access in his laboratory in the mail or by contacting :

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