November 28, 2011
ESDi will teach a course on social media and marketing 2.0

The course is 60 hours long. The classes will be in Barcelona on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 19 a.m. to 22 p.m. There is a maximum of 25 students for the course. It consists of 10 modules, the latter of which is the final project. Specialist teachers. They all work professionally in what they teach. They work for recognized companies in sectors as leisure, luxury, consumer, fashion, (...) Have all details of the course Introduction of the course Following the goal of excellence, the Escola d’Arts i Tècniques de la Moda de l’ESDi, Escola Superior de Disseny de Sabadell, extends its educational offer not only in the area of knowledge but also the area of new technologies, such as the social media, its aplications to the companies and to promote a person own profile. The need in companies for an specialist in social media and marketing 2.0 comes up to the increasingly demand for more specialized professionals in the promotion of online marketing campaigns based on social media, to provide more value to companies, their products or services, and to a single person, promoting their projects or their profile, to attract jobs, partners and/or customers. A specialist in social media brings a value beyond just the knowledge of a company, it talks about the will to improve, to be a better professional... a profile with an attitude of growth, this is currently the most requested one, for business and society. Companies need to have inward, specialists who know how to place a promotion, product, service... and take advantage of the website and increase its followers... The world of marketing, has a strong need to adapt to new trends in the online world, being present in each of the platforms that best suit the project and giving a clearer consistency to the brand. Marketing strategies should be set on social media and on various online platforms. For futher information please contact us