march 23th
ESDi will host the FIU BCN Tour

The duo of Humbert Clotet and Georgina Capdevila, alumni ESDI arrive with a new proposal that comes from success FIU, the event design created as Final Year Project and has already become an expected meeting between designers student companies valued above all entrepreneurship and desire to design.

The FIU FIU is born BCN Tour, a tour that will move young creative talent for 4 universities design: Elisava, Bau, ESDI and IDEP. The event aims to encourage young creative projects, and put them in touch with students and interested public. Under the idea that young people can contribute to the design, even more than older generations, FIU tour shows with real projects with enthusiasm and work can bring up good projects.

The Tour did go through ESDI on Thursday 26 March, which certainly have a great reception by students and teachers known to have been born this project.

The format of the event will include:
• 3 Fiuers> creative young talent
• 1 Profiuer> Creative Mentor
• Fiudating> beer and talk
• FIU Live Music Session> Live concert of an emerging group