March 6 2017
ESDi will host a meeting of companies to learn and do business with the circular economy

On March 30, the School of Design ESDi de Sabadell will host a meeting of Companies to know the possibilities that gives the circular economy and to start businesses and take advantage of synergies. It is a Market Place organized by the Vallès Circular Network, formed by 29 organizations among which are universities, clusters and economic entities. Vallès Occidental County Council holds the technical secretariat of the Network and is driving business meeting together with the other members.

This conference aims to help companies to learn to use resources efficiently, saving and doing business under the circular economy, which is committed to a reuse of resources and leaves behind the economic system based on linear pull resources nature, produce, consume and throw. The circular economy is an economic model of production and consumption on materials, products and services are designed to last and back into the industrial value chain can not be used once. The circular economy can help businesses reduce costs in purchasing materials, reach new markets and cover the risks of supplies.

The conference will present the opportunities presented by this economic model and there will be a "market" where companies can get in touch to offer their resources and allow synergies. All persons who wish to participate can register through the registration form

Prior to this, on March 16, ESDI held a seminar on Ecomoda, green economy and circular in order to highlight the entire process of design, production, distribution and management of products or services in a sustainable and solid. You can find more information at the link