March 04, 2010
ESDi students record their own LipDub

During the recording the participants are making interventions perfectly time-limited, and are singing the song. The first example of this "lip dub" into a university was made by the University of Quebec, Canada. This was the most successful in the network, the final result and the Making-off too. And although it seems simple because there is no production effort (except to add the music) it doesn’t, this video requires preparation. It’s necessary to plan every single move, coordinating the characters, encouraging involved volunteers. In ESDi the initiative came from a group of students of Audiovisual Design with the support of their teachers. It’s a very creative experience without technical complications, which promotes teamwork and allows to make visible to the world the center facilities and the good atmosphere we breathe. The ESDi lipdub also inaugurate the ESDi tv. Here you can see the making-off made by Mola TV: Mola Tv: ESDi students record their own LipDub

Click here to see the lipddub and enjoy it!