June 21st 2013
ESDI students make an advertisement for the company Pinesga

ESDi Multimedia Communication and Interactivity Unit resident students have made an audiovisual project design, an advertising spot to promote the company Pinesga, dedicated to the production and sale of packaging for the food sector. This project has included the participation of both Official Undergraduate Degree, Audiovisual itinerary students (Marc Calvet, Damià Armengol, Javier Zarza, Sergi Soley and Oscar Boix) and Graphic itinerary students (Ane Irizar and Marta Quiroz) with the aim of emphasizing the values of the company, such as the dynamism, variety and proximity to people through good user experience with products company and to promote it in visual form.

The spot, Pinesga submitted to the company on May 31st, is the result of the collaboration between the Higher School of Design ESDi and the company Pinesga. This agreement began the course 2011-2012 with the participation of Product Design and Graphic Design ESDi students, who designed packaging proposals.

You can see the audiovisual advertisement by clicking here.

Pinesga  Pinesga