1st, 2nd and 3rd of December, 2017
ESDi students develop wardrobe for the choreograph Moreno Bernardi’s latest Project

the blue room




The experimentation regarding wardrobe and the possibility of transcending the barriers of clothes are some of the key point that Fashion Department and students Anna Salvador and Joan Ribas will develop as a part of the choreographic project “The Blue Room”, to be premiered on December 1st.


The piece, organized by LiveSoundTracks (LST), with choreography by the dancer Moreno Bernardi and music by composer Gigi Piscitelli, also includes the collaboration of other design schools in the field of space design and sound design, even though the work dynamic didn’t incorporate dialog among the different groups in order to avoid any discipline from standing out above the others.


Even if the project has preferred not to incorporate said synergy between the different creative groups, all the teams had the opportunity to create from the same starting point: Bernardi’s cosmovision and the experimental film “Blue” (1993), by Derek Jarman, dominated by the electric blue of a TV screen that’s stuck on the same dead channel.


After years of studying with diverse names of the dance world, Bernardi developed his own compositional technique for the scene, unifying dance with concepts of biomechanics, expresion primitive and musical theory studies, besides acting techniques, combined in order to create a “pure description of movement”.


The Blue Room will be held at Sala Hiroshima on December 1st and 2nd at 20:30, and on December 3rd at 19:00.