May 20, 2010
ESDi students, finalists of the 1st bag design contest for young talents of Bosanova

The company has invited the design university community to the first bags design awards Bosanova for young talents. There have been involved all the students who have studied or studying in a training center of design, and are not linked to any company in the industry. Bosanova has made a first selection of the proposals and selected ten. Five of these proposals belong to the students and old students of ESDi: Elena Gallego Blanco, Jennifer Giménez Roch, Joana Costa Ribas, Juan Fernández Ruiz and Nieves Vilaplana. A jury of five people connected with the world of fashion, media and education will select the winners, the prizes are 2.000, 1.500 and 500 euros. Moreover, the winner designs will be produced and will be on sale in the 26 centers that have Bosanova around the province of Barcelona.