April 16, 2013
ESDi student Imanol Buisan wins the I Design Contest: Sardana T-shirt 2013

The t-shirt designed by the ESDi student Imanol Buisán has won the 1st Design Contest: Sardana T-Shirt 2013. The contest, organised by the Cobla Marinada, was aimed to find an image that was either original or contemporary, that linked the Sardana with modernity and to promote the Sardana as a traditional dance and identity of the Catalan people but active and able to coexist with the modernity and complexity of the XXI century. The shirt has four sardanists and at the same time the four bars of the senyera, on a yellow background. Everyone interested can find it in four different sizes for the price of 9 euros. It can be purchased by mail or at the Cobla Marinada events.