April 24, 2013
ESDI student Carlos Coronado participates in the creation of the book " Pixelated Letters"

The 4th year ESDi Official Undergraduate Degree in Design Audiovisual curricular itinerary student and videogames developer, Carlos Coronado, has collaborated in the creation of "Pixelated Letters. The [h] path, a way of understanding videogames", a Ze[h]n Games production and a STAR-T Magazine Books edition, which explores the cultural aspect of videogames in order to help the game to raise the position of culture. Ze[h]n Games, a videogames cultural blog, founded by the authors of the book Daniel del Olmo and Raúl García, in his line to try to raise videogames to the art category, has published a book in which we could find seventeen essays on some of the sector representative games. ESDI student, Carlos Coronado is a weekly contributor of Ze[h]n Games website and has actively participated in the creation of "Pixelated Letters". Not only has he illustrated the book cover, but the last 25 pages of the book correspond to the first steps of creating the videogame that is currently being developed as his Final Degree Project at ESDI. Its name is "Coma: a mind adventure", and it is a puzzle videogame in infinite natural environments that has been funded through crowdfunding. In addition, the videogames developer and ESDi student will participate the next 6 and May at the I National Conference on Computer Graphics, Intrograph, at the University of Jaén with his lecture "Videogames animation: alternative techniques and efficient projects ".