May 13h 2015
ESDi signs an agreement with the CN Sabadell to provide exclusive benefits to its students, faculty and staff.

If you form part of the ESDi community (students, faculty staff and PAS) now make sport will be more comfortable and affordable than ever thanks to the agreement signed with the Club Natació Sabadell. The proposal offers free registration to all these groups, a 20% discount on the base fee and a 10% discount on some of the tickets (payment to the thermal area, paddle pass and parking pass-centre Montcada).

 To be the beneficiary of them just go to one of the two centre that the CN Sabadell in Sabadell and identify you by presenting the original of the registration or the student card and, with regard to the STEP and teachers of the original certificate, a staff that will facilitate the administration of the ESDi. Besides, the first degree relatives of staff staff will also be able to benefit from this service by establishing, with the appropriate documentation, this family relationship and residence at the same address.

If you want to get to know the club, before you decide we have some invitations to reception or administration.  This agreement is part of the program CNS groups driven by CN Sabadell and that aims to bring the sport to the companies and collectives of Sabadell. A good opportunity for all those who have desire to make sport with the benefits that this entails.