June 07, 2012
ESDi signs an agreement of collaboration with Iconic Barcelona to promote young fashion designers

The School of Design ESDi has signed an agreement of cooperation with Iconic Barcelona to promote young fashion designers. The peculiarity is that the user is involved in the process of creating the product, in addition, the marketing is done in limited editions and all clothing is made in Barcelona. About running, Iconic proposes a trend and a letter regarding a trend fabrics, and designers need to perform their design proposals to the climbing site, indicating its inspiration. That’s when you select the complete proposals received, those drawings that present the fusion of design, marketing and industriabilitat. Iconic will make a prototype and once done the photo shoot with the garment, under the name ICaNIC by "the designer’s name or the name of the brand" are published on the web and start the voting process. Then, most voted designs are sold on the web. The designer fast goodbye 6% of sales obtained by design.