30th september 2014
ESDI shows color trends in the STIB

This year at Reials Drassanes Barcelona were exposed the corresponding color trends for Autumn / Winter 2015-2016 season, based on the concept of creativity.


ESDI participates in this contest as the only university with it’s own color lab, with the aim of investigating color trends two years before they are worn. As in the past three years, the panels Color Trends, prepared by the laboratory color ESDI (ESDiColor_LAB) have occupied an important place in this fair which aims to bring together business and manufacturers of woven apparel designers and brands.

From the concept of creativity ESDi has produced four panels called pregnancy (What is born as something new), permeability (which enables access to knowledge), Projection (as needed to disseminate the created) and Transposition (as a synonym for decontextualization). In these four panels dominated by contrasts of complementary color, as in the case of green with fuchsia and blue and gray tones.