November 14, 2012
ESDi’s teacher Ines Martins speaks at the 2nd day iiEDG research

The work by Ines Martins focuses on the different meanings -organizing models- that young people (boys and girls between 18 and 22 years) developed for the representation of violent duct seen in the cinema in the context of leisure / recreational. To analyze projected two sequences of the film "Young" and there were three groups of 8, 7 and 6 young men and women. After seeing the projection youth answered a questionnaire and a focus group session. The results allow us to check the influence of gender culture has on behavior and feelings of the boys and girls of the stories. And, also, the need to study the influence of film. Ines Martins’s intervention was part of the table community experiences and framed within the II Inter-University Research Institute for the Study of Women and Gender iiEDG. The Second Conference on Research iiEDG have as one of its objectives show the social impact of gender studies and research. It also set the objective of promoting discussion and exchange of ideas between researchers and professionals from different areas of knowledge.