March 21, 2013
ESDi’s teacher Genís Senén and Marina Castán involved in Castellón Creactiva 2013

Creactiva is the brand that brings together all the cultural and informative of the School of Art and Design of Castellón, in its edition this year, wanted to have the participation of two of the professors of the ESDi Design School School. Professor Genís Senén linked to Unit Product and Space ESDi Usability speak of "Design as a tool for local development", the 26th at 12.00 am. Meanwhile, Marina Castán, professor and researcher in design research and technological fabrics ESDi give a talk on "Trends in color." It will, also, on the 26th at 13.00. Presentations, workshops and exhibitions of Creactiva last from 25 to 27 March. All activities are available on the website of the conference.