4 de junio del 2013
ESDI represents Intercolor Espanya to Paris on the 50th anniversary of the institution

The ESDI teacher, Marina Castán, travels to Paris tomorrow ESDiColor_LAB as representative, the laboratory of ideas and color trends ESDI, Spanish representatives of Intercolor.
The trip has a dual effect. For one, it is a meeting of members of Intercolor to present color trends for summer 2015. And, secondly, the 50th anniversary of Intercolor.
The visit of Professor Marina Castan (from 5 to 8 June) will feature a visit to the exhibition "Paris Haute Couture" at the Hotel de Ville de Paris, a visit to the French Institute of Fashion and a visit to the exhibition "mannequin: corps de la Mode "at the Musée Galliera at the Cité de la Mode et du Design, among others.

On Friday morning there will be also a colour workshop by the prestigious Carlin International.


ESDi Marina Castán    ESDi Marina Castán