April 15, 2010
ESDi receives an Algerian delegation with CIREM, Centre for European initiatives and research of the Meditarranian

The delegation -formed of various Algerian companies such as Ceramic, Espace Rencontre, Fonderies Algériennes i SMQuality, among others- wanted to know more about Catalonia. It has therefore supported by the CIREM to visit some more representative Catalan institutions of the different economic sectors. CIREM is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of significant personalities in society, from the university sphere, business, trade unions and from the professional field. The aim of the visit by representatives of various companies of Algeria was to learn more about the FUNDIT and its relationship with society through institutions such as ESDi. It was created in 1989 with a clear Mediterranean projection with the aim of promoting deeper knowledge of the specific characteristics of theses societies within Europe as a whole. CIREM comprises a team of multidisciplinary professionals who work at the two work centres, Barcelona and Madrid , operating locally, nationally and internationally with public and private funding. The activity of CIREM is materialized in:

  • Applied research studies and projects
  • Technical assistance services in the design and execution of projects and programmes
  • Planning and development of public policies and programmes
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