November 28, 2010
ESDi provides practical classes in touch with the business world

Freudenberg supplies material to ESDi since some years ago, thanks to the good relationship between them and their wish to teach, innovate and collaborate with the youngest ones, the company gave a demonstration of their different interlinings and applications in real clothes. Students of 3rd and 4th year of Fashion Design enjoyed for two hours of a parade and technical explanations about interlinings, a material whose variants are usually unknown to them. Freudenberg España Telas sin Tejer S.A., which has its headquarters in the town of Parets del Vallés in Barcelona, belongs to the German industrial group Freudenberg Nonwovens, is located in the city of Weinheim, where in 1948 it invented a fabric destined for a decisive influence on fashion and the development of the garment industry: non-woven interlinings of the brands Fliselina®, Vlieseline®, and Vilene®.