July 12th 2013
ESDi professor Mireia Feliu obtains the degree of Doctor from the University of Barcelona

It has been with the thesis project "In-Quietuds. Nomadismes Contemporanis" that Mireia Feliu has received the distinction Cum Laude by the Court. "In-Quietuds. Nomadismes Contemporanis" is an artistic and theoretical research that investigates mobility in contemporary nomad. In one type of dominant mobility Western capitalism, essential in accelerating the effects of economic globalization with social consequences (higher ranking), political (power loss of States) and cultural (progressive homogenization of the territories), the project commitment to mobility and nomadic subjectivity as critical figuration approach and performance efficient, accountable, effective and affective to a contemporary reality as a system, and therefore, as a whole heterogeneous, contradictory and self-organized.

The research has been developed, on the one hand, from the artistic production, from the creation of a series of 5 different formats but works primarily visual based: 6 channel video graphic installations, sound work, time-lapses installations, etc. Furthermore, the project has also been developed from theoretical research, a study of the concept of nomadism in contemporary from four interrelated perspectives:

1. Experience displacement experienced by the same Mireia Feliu between 3 territories: New York, West African Sahel and Barcelona between 2002 and 2009.
2. Tracking nomadic communities still existing in each territory mentioned above.
3. The concept of nomadism in Western critical thinking, starting from post-structuralism.
4.Nomadic contemporary art categories.

The project "In-Quietuds. Nomadismes Contemporanis" proposal had already been awarded by the Foundation Espais (Girona, 2006), and had received the Ramon Llull Institute grant to exhibit it at the Oranim New Media Gallery (Israel, 2011). Also, Mireia Feliu was invited to exhibit the PhD project artwork in two individual exhibitions: at the Arts Centre Cal Massó Reus (2010) and at the Safia Gallery of Barcelona (2010), and also to explain her thesis project through lectures at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at The International Center of New York.



In-Quietud #3. Horitzons d’anada i tornada
Vídeo instal·lació de 6 canals
8’ 53" - bucle infinit
2009 - 2010