April 10, 2013
ESDi professor Marina Castán will give a lecture about experimentation and use of Xisqueta wool

On Thursday April 18 at 18pm professor and researcher of technological fabrics at ESDi, Marina Castán will give a lecture at the CCAM (Banys Nous, 11 Barcelona) in order to present the results of the wool Xisqueta experimentation project that was carried out by 3rd year Fashion Design Degree students in the framework of the Spinning subject during the academic year 2011/2012. The project is a collaboration between the Association Obrador Xisqueta and ESDi with the aim of connectig artisans and designers through different activities within the Product and Interiors Research and Design Sustainability Teaching Unit. This conference represents a parallel activity to the exhibition Velles Arrels, Nous Dissenyadors que es troba exposada al Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya which is on display at the Craftsmanship Center of Catalonia, in Barcelona from March 16 and will be open until May 19. It is a compilation of projects of students and graduates from the Product, Graphic, Fashion and Audiovisual design itineraries that aims to review the historical references so as to face future creations combining knowledge and innovation.