April 10, 2013
ESDi professor Joan Sànchez presents his app "Kubo"

On Friday April 12 at 19.30 the digital and graphic designer and ESDi professor Joan Sànchez and the systems engineer Enric Marco, participated in the new edition of the creative programming meetings at ZZZINC so as to present their app, Kubo. These meetings consist of short creative projects presentations that have been carried out with creative programming technologies. There was also an informal part with refreshments and exchange of ideas, tips and tricks. Joan Sànchez, Authoring systems and web design professor ESDi defines Kubo as a board games dice simulator with realistic physics , the same as DiceRoller3D, another app developed by Joan Sànchez and Enric Marco. Both applications are product of their research in mobile technologies, open source libraries for developing creative applications (openFrameworks in this case) and virtual physics engines. In relation to their roles in the project, both are the developers of these apps, however Joan deals more with the design and the programming of user-focused elements and programming of user-focused elements while Enric focuses more on the development of all that is behind that makes physical engines work.