February 14, 2011
ESDi participates in the organization of the first Chill Laus in Sabadell

The Chill Laus sessions are a perfect opportunity to talk with players in the design and communication, share experiences and learn about their work in a relaxed atmosphere. For this event there are planned three round tables within a year: Design and Business, Design and institutions, design and culture. At this first meeting, the guest was the designer Lluís Morillas. There was a large attendance.150 students attended school and Isla de Sabadell ESDi. Also entrepreneurs. Lluís Morillas is not only a designer, is also creator of brands. He’s got a reputable firm of personal branding. Their projects are part of our collective memory: Pans & Company, Nescafé, Spanair. It was also responsible for the design of the new face of UNNIM. Morillas surprised the audience by his extraordinary humility, goodness and kindness. He started doing a bit of history, speaking of his father as a pioneer in the design world. He explained how it has changed the world of design since then (customers, brands, social environment) and make a comparison between the design companies more creative and focused on pure business. He spoke of the organization of your business, how to have clearly defined the various tasks, there are planners, designers, corporate identity, 3D, architects ... and how they have weathered the crisis. People were very impressed by his explanations of the creative process of Unnim, the process of naming and all elements taken into account. Morilla gave good advices, "brands and the customer will not be imposed, as before, now have to talk to them, " as Google does, for example. He also had good advice for students. He said that it is important to be able to listen in all directions and know what the customer really wants. The event was a success.