October 23 2015
ESDi participates in the Olympic Solidarity Study

ESDi’s Library has added another year to Study Solidarity Olympics, an innovative awareness campaign and solidarity, through which young people and businesses participate in and undertake cooperation projects development.

During that Olympics (November 5 to December 5, 2015), the young people in the study rooms assigned to the activity and give their time of study. For every hour donated will be allocated €1 sponsorship cooperation projects for development in the South.

The aim of the Olympics is to raise awareness about the obstacles that may mean for the future development of the person not having access to basic education and lack of training.

This is the 13th Olympics Study Solidarity and this year 11 countries will participate, under the motto "If you study, you cooperate", thousands of young people to raise awareness about the problem of lack of access to education in countries undergoing development. All times / euros collected will go to cooperation projects selected this year in Senegal and Ecuador.