From September 4 to 13 2015
ESDi participates in the International Festival Cinemadamare

Teachers Anaïs Llàcer and René Ferrero, from Unit Application of Knowledge in Visual Communication at ESDi, travel tomorrow to participate in the Venice Festival, last stop of Cinemadamare Festival. The festival moves to different areas of Italy and who took part in this summer performing various audiovisual pieces together over 100 participants from around the world.

On this occasion during the stay from 4 to 13 September Llàcer and Ferrero will use to finalize and sign the agreement signed with the Festival and ESDi to generate synergies involve our students in the proposal and planning any joint activity in Visit the Festival in Barcelona next April.

In addition, during the Production Meeting that will be held during the festival, there will be a presentation of the agreement and an informative talk about ESDi also give visibility to some of the audiovisual works made at school . In addition, if time permits, the teachers made by the participants at the festival, a workshop on "the importance of pre-production audiovisual productions."



The event will allow teachers to make a short film produced by Cinemadamare and ESDi, this being the first joint project after signing the agreement.

The agreement with the international festival is a good opportunity for the students of ESDi in different curricular pathways to feel closely routines and mechanisms of a large amount of visual motion.

Cinemadamare was born in 2003 and already this year reaches its 13th edition. It is an international festival that begins traveling to Rome and travel to 10 regions of Italy made its last stop in Venice, taking advantage of the Venice Film Festival. Traveling 75 days 100 visual artists (directors, actors, writers, sound technicians, makeup artists, etc.) who perform together in a continuous learning and their films.