10th July 2014
ESDI participates in the Fab 10 amb ’The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’

’The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’
. This is the name given to the project unit and Fashion Trends ESDI. This is a collection of 5 interactive garments providing an audible response from the movement of the body, and that July 5 was presented at the Fab 10.

The project have been edited by Miguel González, Marina Castán and Gerard Rubio with the colaborations: Laura Puigdellívol, David Maeso, Irene Portillo, Helena Torrescasana, Enric Martí and Júlia Coma

Specifically, FAB10Barcelona is a week of events with open and accessible technologies that will change the world in the near future. In fact, FAB10Barcelona brought together more than 350 Fab Labs based in over 40 countries worldwide.

’The Wearable Fashion Orchestra’ fashion and technology is a hybrid project to establish an intimate interaction between the wearable and dancer-performer. Performativity, body and matter generate a synesthetic experience as a textile orchestra creates its own musical composition from a contemporary dance choreography. Dancers are conviertieron in The Wearable Fashion models Orchestra ’were Olga Ventura, Hector Puigdomènech, Aina Jaume Olle Núria Rocamora and Elisabeth and the sound design was the work of Xavi Manzanares.