September 19, 2012
ESDi participates in an European network conference

ESDi’s fashion Department is taking part in a new European network for research in Architecture, Interior Design and Textiles called ArcInTex. ArcInTex is a network where Architecture, Interaction Design and Textiles join forces in developing ideas, techniques, methods and programs for new perspectives on design for building, dwelling and living and do so through joint research projects, joint applications for funding larger projects, exchange programs on the Master and research levels, joint conferences and workshop on emergent topics. This network aims to identify new application ideas in the field of textile architecture and interior design, research and develop principles and practices that link them to different parts of the design process. ESDi has been invited to take part of Swedish School of Textiles, University of Boras in Sweden, where there has been the first meeting last25th and 26th September.