February, 20th 2015
ESDi organized the roundtable " People and non-users ". Meeting and debate among designers.

On Thursday February 26 and under exposure #Transposicions, ESDi Design School organized the roundtable: "People and non-users". Meeting and debate among designers.

The roundtable, free activity will start at 19.00 in Space Culture of Sabadell , where you can also visit the aforementioned exhibition until April 5th .


The meeting, moderated by designer Martin Azua, with the participation of Clara Balmañà of Bonaprofit ; Jordi Canudas , Jordi Canudas Studio; Xavier Mañosa of Apparatu Studio ; Marc Morro of Altrescoses; Edu Piracés Aviv Adolfo Press and Shany Studio.

Attached is the press release of the exhibition