June 12th 2013
ESDi opens the ’Old Roots, New Designers’ exhibition reproduction

The Higher School of Design ESDi, will open on June 14 at 12pm at the hall and at the 1st floor of the School, a reproduction of the successful exhibition ’Old Roots, New Designers’  that received, in two months, 12,435 views at the Craft Center of Catalonia.

The fact exhibition is not only a form of exhibition, but also a way of sharing knowledge, and is that ESDI, the exhibition is part of the educational journey. The sample exposes ESDi Graduate, professionals and students projects of the itineraries Product, Graphic, Fashion and Audiovisual Design, reviewing the historical references as tools to address future creations. And one of the biggest challenges for new designers is to review all that is good and bad and has been in recent years, in order to face the future with experience and knowledge received and to combine it with the enthusiasm of his new proposals. From this premise ESDi students presented their projects in the exhibition "Old roots, new designers" from March 16 to May 19 at the Craft Centre of Catalonia, in Barcelona. Because of its great reception, the ESDi Experimentation and Application Unit  has made a replica for those who could not attend.

The exhibition, organized by the Consortium of Trade, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia, you could see the product projects: "Shira" Isona Ten, "Xai" of Genis Senen and "Chaji" Alicia Schmidt Colombian handicrafts. Projects will DRAWING "Visual Identity Barcelona Markets" by Albert Grèbol and "Pigs and Gentlemen. Sausages Mallorca Artisans" Magaly Villaroel. Trendy Projects Camper, the subject of footwear students in grades 3, the Project 080 of the subject Project II of the students in the 3rd, the project "Technical stamping" of the subject dyes and finishes and the "Project Xisqueta "Spinning the subject of students in the 3rd. In audiovisual exhibition showcased the work "It ’s just a Cap" graduates Salvador Martinez and Iñaki Soria and "Plastics short" of students in 4th of audiovisual and Gerard Calvet Marc Rubio.


old roots, new designers old roots, new designers