November 09, 2011
ESDI offers design services to the City

The three main initiatives of the agreement are: creation tools for the promotion of sustainable development The ESDI draw 3 to 4 capsules audiovisual (3-4 minutes each) on the habits and activities that are sustainable in schools following the Agenda 21 for Schools program. These capsules will support communication to promote environmental and sustainability among students and to attract new schools wishing to attach to School Agenda 21. Applied research to improve sustainability in Sabadell On the recommendation of the council of Sabadell ESDi will conduct applied research to improve sustainability in specific environments in Sabadell. These activities form part of courses in which students work with teachers. Subjects "Eco" and "Projects" 4th year of the Degree of Integration multidiciplinària. "Ecodesign" 3rd year Bachelor of Product Design. "Fundamentals of planning" in 1st year, a common subject in all specialties. specific cases The tools and initiatives designed to improve the quality of areas of high ecological value and landscape of the city, including the River Park River Park Agrarian and Ripoll and its products. I will from ecodesign. Also improve the approach of these spaces to the public through the communication and dissemination. Exposure, awareness of action Peter wanted the house of Sabadell and Shows artwork of students Design Broadcasting ESDi. Audiovisual works with a high value on creativity related to sustainability and the environment. The exhibition is open to all citizens and becomes a sign of artistic awareness of the citizens of Sabadell.