September 29, 2011
ESDI Manifest gets the support from CODIC, ADG-FAD and Catalunya Ràdio

The Manifest has been listening to Solidarity Radio Catalonia, in the edition of Saturday 24th October. There were the views of the coordinator of the initiative, Professor of ESDi Toni Mañach. He says that is "visible end product of a study of learning and discussion in class about the main concepts of ethics," and says that is not true according to which the maximum where there is no ethical money is money and where there is no ethics. You can hear the voice cut the link that takes you to the page. This is the podcast of the magazine’s October 24, 2011, and can be found in the 18th minute. The manifesto has also received the accession of Louis Soriano, Dean / President of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia (CODIC). It also has the support of the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers of FAD, the ADG-FAD. In the article is said to manifest design have been done many, but this is special because it has drawn students are future professionals "in a context like the present socieoconòmic changing how the current economic crisis."