December 14, 2012
ESDi LAB Color triumphs in Helsinki

The general trend given by Intercolor has chosen some of the colors displayed by ESDiColor_LAB Intercolor Congress held in Helsinki. The proposed Intercolor coincides also with concepts like Polièdric, which is the name given to the general trend by ESDiColor_LAB: polyhedral Society, referring to the versatility that society is in economic, political and social situation . From there, Intercolor, has established three specific trends: 1) THINK & MAKE: trust, continuity, neutral materiality 2) CRAFT & MAGIC: improvisation, digital crafts, magical technology, and life science. 3) ART SCIENCE: research polyhedral The proposal presented by the School of Design ESDi emerged from analysis of the Spanish social structure. The work includes four trends: "liquid information", "eternal wisdom", "free knowledge" and "cultural identity." Thus, the appreciation of the ancestral, national identity, liquid information or knowledge society exponential own 2.0 are part of the conceptual proposal by ESDi Color_LAB. From these statements were made four different colored cards that opt ​​for earth tones, gray and blue, and rich tones ranging from yellow, orange, to blue. The International Color Congress is held every six months, organized by the Association Intercolor. This institution, which next year celebrates 50 years of existence consists of institutions from 15 European and Asian countries during this event that pool their chromatic proposals. From next week, the proposal ESDi, trends panels and color charts are visible in ESDiColor_LAB headquarters in the School of Design.