July 24th, 2017
ESDi interviews the alumni Maria Roch, one of the designers selected by La Roca Village and 080 BCN Fashion

María RochSeven years after starting her career and a time after opening her own stores, named after her, the ESDi alumni María Roch continues to explore her space in the market through her first runway show in 080 Barcelona Fashion and through her participation as one of the emerging designers in the Barcelona Designers Collective of La Roca Village, lead outlet in Cataluña.


During the most recent edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, Roch presented advances of her Fall/Winter collection, which, after a trip to Japan, incorporated the kintsugi philosophy, an oriental technique that fixes breaks in ceramics with gold or silver paint. Given this inspiration, the designer centered her creations in the importance of imperfections and cracks as a constitutive part of each woman.


Through this concept, Roch incorporated golden and silver embroideries in mustard, red, green and bluish gray fabrics, which constituted outfits with great flow and versatility. Continuing her interest for ceramics, Roch added to the runway show the creations of 10 ceramists from Barcelona, using their designs as accessories for her looks, and ornamenting each outfit with accessories done with this material. “The runway show was a challenge for me, and now I’m thinking about exploring Europe. It’s one of my objectives”, the designer points out.


“I think my brand is identified by the fluidity of the materials”, Roch comments. “I try to prioritize comfort, that the person feels good. I want to explore, through my pieces, the femininity of women,  that the pieces are able to turn themselves in the body”, Roch adds about a collection that, even if designed for parties and formal events, can be utilized in work or casual surrounding with simple modifications of styling and accessories.


María Roch

Under the curatorial eye of FAD and with a space of her own in La Roca Village, Roch also exposes her designs in the Catalan outlet until August 30th. “It’s truly incredible the amount of repercussion that this event has had”, says Roch, who presents a varied party collection that’s oriented to all ages. “I’ve realized, by having stores, that there’s an age range, from 45 to 65, that is a bit abandoned when it comes to buying party dresses. They can’t find stores that they like, there are not pieces for them or they end up spending a lot of money”, Roch points out, which motivated her to develop a collection designed for different ages. 


In this sense, Roch highlights the importance of maintaining contact with the costumers during the creation process of a collection. “It’s not the same thing as being a designer from the backstage, not having contact with your client. As a designer, I need that feedback. I could do much more extravagant pieces, but I live of this, not of concepts. And I think some designers sometimes don’t realize that”.