January, 26
ESDi interviewed Enric Marti graduate due to the presentation of his new collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion

On 5 February it is an important date for the ESDI graduate Enric Martí, winner of the emerging designer in the 080 Barcelona Fashion of the last edition, as he presented his new collection "Loathed Reality". It will do so under the Modafad parade. In addition, the designer was, on this occasion, the illustrator to the 080 Tote Bag. A double reason to start with the right foot a successful career.



What can you forward to about your new collection?
The Autumn / Winter 2016 collection is a continuation of my final degree project. It is entitled "Loathed Reality" and is based on a concept of artistic regression. Delivery of a letter from striking but harmonious color, and using different techniques of embroidery pretend to understand life as a canvas on which to change our historical path. On the catwalk you will see needles, many needles.

It has been a long process of several months, and I have learned much more than I imagined at first. I worked in a very orderly way, as I am, and with sufficient time for last-minute corrections.


What does it mean for you to present your collection this year in the 080?
It means recognition of all the efforts made so far and opens to opportunities to continue working in the future. The 080 is an important platform, it’s a solid idea than it can be a designer in Barcelona and it’s a personal success feel that my work will be valued in a serious and a professional way. I am very happy for this opportunity.

And, furthermore, you design the official bag. How did this custom come from?
Everything came from a very suggestive call from Modafad. This year the trade is promoted in the Born, and thought it would be a good idea to pop there was part design. Normally I associate the totebags with my early college years, leading the squad, patterns and countless jobs there. So, think about that future generations will use "my" bag for this is very funny.