March 29 2017
ESDi install the search engine Ecosia in all computers

After a proposal of the Association of Students of the School of Design ESDi, service computer is installed as a default search engine on all the computers in the school, with the aim join efforts against deforestation.

And Ecosia is known as "search engine plant trees with advertising revenue", a social enterprise that gives 80% of its profits to conservative nonprofit organizations, focusing currently on the plantament trees.

Born in Germany in 2009, currently has over 3 million active users, have planted more than 6 million trees have almost 3 million.

But how does a search engine that respects the environment? Well, efficiently and easily. Each click help the environment. The sample search advertising through Bing, who work from 2015. With it, you get income for every click and every search users, delivering projects 80% of them.



One of the most original and beautiful things is having the same search is a marker that indicates how many trees planted trees have been planted with your help.
But only then reaches its target. Through affiliate links, Ecolink, Internet users who wish may make contributions when shopping online.

These are some of the benefits of trees to the environment:

  • Cool Climate: Trees absorb CO2, one of the main causes of climate change. Also, large forests can even create clouds, which in turn reflect sunlight and cool the planet.
  • Biodiversity: forests are the most diverse systems of earth with millions of species many of which have not yet been discovered or analyzed.
  • Protection of soil: trees protect the soil from erosion and provide fertile and productive land. If such, end up having a desert.
  • Clean air: in addition to oxygen we need to breathe, trees also clean the air by absorbing pollutants and particulate filtering.
  • People happy: forests provide us with healthy food and a lot of other products that can be harvested sustainably. The support of 1.6 billion people worldwide depend on them.
  • Water Safety: hydraulic circles forests regulate and prevent flooding, damp microclimates create and increase the level of groundwater. In addition, they act as a "sponge" that prevents drought.

And you know, every click helps echoes plant a tree!