January 11, 2013
ESDi hosts the exhibition Recycling Design Award 2011

The exhibition can be seen in the lobby of the School of Design ESDi from 11 January to 8 February and shows the winning projects in the 2011 edition of the prizes (a total of four) in different categories and, also, projects that have received special mention. The Awards of Recycling Design 2011, a total of 188 candidates, of which the jury selected a total of 108. All in pursuit of the aim of the awards: design called for promoting recycling. EcoDesign and environmental efficiency as increasingly integrated elements in the design of products and services. Among the winning projects, and therefore the sample is displayed at the mention of the "shopping street cleaning," a ESDi work for the company Corp.CLD, a good exercise in ecodesign and university-industry collaboration. In short is scheduled to open the call for the new edition of the awards.