January 09, 2013
ESDi hosts the exhibition "Camper Tunning" result of a student project center

"Tunning Camper" is a project born in the course of Fashion 2 projects within the specialty of additions to Professor Ivan Merino taught to students in the 4th year of university Official Grade Design specializing in fashion . This is a class project or exercise of a shoe customization. The student part of any shoe model and after studying it, dismantle it and build functional parts, made ​​his speech in the shape, material and finish. Transforming the original shoe a new model Camper. The result is a re-interpretation of the brand Camper, similar to hybrid designs that the brand works with the "Together", collaborating with designers such as Bernhard Willhelm, Romain Kremer or Jarpa Morrison. This time the 4th year students of fashion models have been inspired by old classics like Camper Brothers, the Case-almost or Twins.