February 27, 2013
ESDi hosts the Break & Creativity 2013

Arrives this year’s Break & Creativity and launches new format. This time will not stop classes for a week of workshops scheduled but conferences and activities taking place in the two weeks butter, so to give a wider choice and attractive for that has always been the week of workshops in ESDi. The 2013 edition began on February 25 with a series of 3-day conference will feature speeches from Keith Adams, handwriting expert (Monday 25/02 at 11:00 pm), Héctor Ayuso, entrepreneur and director of Festival OFF (Tuesday 26/02 at 12:00 pm), Nic Olivé, PLEASE project CEO (Wednesday 27/02 at 11:00 pm), Óscar Guayabero curator, editor and designer (Friday 01/03 at 13:00) and the same day we will wellcome Albert Medran director of comunicatcion for Spain. All the conferences will be held in the main Auditorium of ESDi (basement floor) To end the first week of activities, graders design management (multidisciplinary integration) Alain Jaimez, Humbert Clotet and Georgina Capdevila, entrepreneurial project debut in Hall of ESDi. This is the ESDissabte, an event created with the aim of creating an alternative space open to anyone interested in design, where show creations, projects, and share concerns simply for pleasure, thus distancing the teaching scheme and thoroughness of academic plan. The first session of this new format will be on Thursday February 28 at 17:30. But Break & Creativity 2013 will not end here. The week from 11 to 15 March will be a range of workshops open to all students of ESDi culminating in the famous ESDiada. On the 11th of March there will be a conference "Design and Neurorehabilitation" by the hand of the therapist educator, Judith Farreras who, together with other specialists, will discuss how graphic design can be a vehicle to bring back the life of a person with neurological damage.