November 23, 2012
ESDI hosts a day about sustainable energy

The exchange of points of views and knowledge related to consumption, savings and energy production will be the focus of this day that will start with "micro, art and design" masterclass given by Professor of ESDi, Pilar Bonet. For this reason there will also be a debate framed in this area and will feature the following speakers: Miguel Ruiz and Sebastian Vallmitjana from "Som Energia"", the first Spanish cooperative dedicated to the production and consumption of green energy; Torsten Masseck , director of the Living Lab Low3, experimentation in sustainable architecture, bioclimatic and solar systems;Javier Redondo, project a href=’’ title=’’>"Zero Emission"" of Nissan, and Pep Puig, founder of Ecoserveis. Moreover, the Conference will also display graphic campaigns for energy saving and solar ovens sample, both submitted to the contest promoted by the Foundation INDICIS. But there will also be exposure of the work on the subject Ecodesign extent provided in the design. Following the presentation of awards to the winners of the competitions, there will be a viewing of the documentary "DIE 4. REVOLUTION - Energy Autonomy", released by the International Festival of Environmental Film (FICMA), which will be tested by solar ovens making popcorn. So the day of "Energy transforms (us)" aims to raise awareness of the important value of the energy in our society and how the use and role of this is changing and evolving all the time. You can check the schedule of the day with all the information here. This is an open and free activity organized by the Foundation INDICIS and ESDi and with the collaboration of FICMA and the Barcelona Provincial Council.