Featured news roundup: 5-12 October
ESDi hosts a Conference on Economy and Innovation


ESDi hosts a Conference on Economy and Innovation with deputy Francesc Homs

On Friday, October 7 School of Design ESDi hosted a Conference on the Economy and Innovation, entrepreneurs, industrialists and representatives of institutions of the region. The conference, organized Catalan Democratic Party, came as some members of Congress deputies Lourdes Ciuró, Miriam Nogueras and Carles Campuzano. Also be present deputy Francesc Homs, who gave a press conference at state and regional media at the main entrance of ESDi




Participation ESDi Unique Fashion Market in Sant Cugat

In the festival on creature design Dominius held in Sant Cugat on 8 October the Unique Fashion Market, a market for sustainable fashion, slow fashion and local production. The market could see exhibited pieces and collections of Fashion graduates in ESDi Berta Navarro, Elena Garcia-Arquimbau Marina Grau, Miriam Ferré, Patricia Ruiz and David Maeso




Masterclass of SEAT design team

With the title of "City 2025", Andres Sola and Rubén Rodríguez SEAT design team will be in ESDi to discuss new technologies, mobility, new services and the development of cities.

A good opportunity to reflect and imagine how the city will be 2025, and will be driving the new environmental conditions, the new connectivity or function of the electric vehicle and autonomous.
The talk will take place on Monday 17 October at 12’30h in the Auditorium of ESDi.



Talk More with Less

The founders of the magazine on digital design and architecture More with Less ESDi visit next week as part of a tour they are doing to design the different universities of the country.

The aim of the meeting is to present your project, share concerns with design students ESDi Students and talk about the Project and invited them to disseminate their work, school and observe other professionals and students from around the country and Europe.
The talk will take place on Monday at 17h in the Auditorium of ESDi