27th June 2014
ESDI graduates succeed in the Night Laus

It could not be another way. Six students of the School of Design ESDI received some awards that were presented during the Nit Laus June 26. Thus the springboard for emerging values ​​and hence the consecration of future professionals, has become a reality in the ESDI.


Specifically, the winners of these awards have been graduates degree in Design, Graphic itinerary / Audiovisual: Pascual, Xavi Martinez, Marina Soto, Fredic Barrera, Cristina Dordal and Efren Parra.


Gala Pascual received his imprint, somewhere between a book and a magazine entitled Sonar Zines, Grand Laus and Gold Laus.


Meanwhile, students and graphic designer from the same school where he graduated Xavi Martinez also received a Gold for its Laus PFG called vaques sagrades. His research is about the connections between different studies and graphic designers from Barcelona in the investigation regarding each of the interviewees.


It was an exceptional case and majority decision of the jury that they could award ex aequo two Golds, since usually only one award to one, but last night the required atorgació two golds at these two students.


Meanwhile, Marina Soto, who was in charge of carrying out the project uncovered, which in English means uncovering, uncovered, was awarded a Silver Laus, in the same way that it was also Efren Parra Out & About for his project, a multidisciplinary work that illustrates a personal vision of a city through its inhabitants.


And to finish off, alumni and Cristina Dordal and Fredic Barrera also received a Bronze Laus. Barrera was awarded by Mijac holy family, a visual identity project for Mijac Sagrada Familia Manresa, a center where they work the leisure education of children and young people by transmitting values. And meanwhile, Cristina Dordal was rewarded by the publication bearing the name of "Paraules d’una terra. La plana de Vic . It is an artistic-poetic three writers Plain Vic Verdaguer, Miquel Martí i Pol and Maria Angels Anglada.


From ESDI want to take this opportunity and congratulate these six alumni for achievements that are the result of work done by these projects and satisfaction!