November 27th 2013
ESDi graduates Oriol Milla and Anna Salvans participate at the MID’s Innovation Forum

The industrial designers and ESDi graduates Oriol Milla and Anna Salvans participated this past November 26th at the MID’s Innovation Forum 2013 held at the center Arts Santa Monica, presenting the project"Companion"  and the project Cooltiu respectively. Oriol Milla’s project, which was selected as a finalist for being such a solid project with tested prototypes and a very specific audience, was presented by its author to potentially interested companies. Similarly, Cooltiu, a project dedicated to children’s sector, was also presented by Ozestudi, in which works Anna Salvans. This meeting organized by the BCD (Barcelona Design Centre) aims to contact innovative projects from the child, sports and habitat areas and place them in its natural market, generating business opportunities. Thus, the MID intend that creatives can turn their ideas into products or market services.

That same day the exhibition "From idea to business" where we can find these projects along with the other 20 finalists was opened. This exhibition will be open until January 7th in the center Arts Santa Monica.

oriol milla   cooltiu